Advancing medical device innovation within the life sciences community.

Our Story

Our medical device firms produce and/or develop innovative products or technology for human or animal health.


The medical device industry is experiencing rapid growth in the Greater Kansas City Region. A recent survey conducted by KCALSI showed the growth has been 39% between 2009 and 2015    and we expect the Medical Device Network (MDN) to support further growth.

MDN was established eight years ago to bring together large established medical device companies as well as small and start-up companies.

MDN meetings are held on a quarterly basis to identify common areas of interest to the industry and problems commonly experienced by medical device companies. Using the wide range of experiences and resources, MDN works towards identifying best practices.

Our Assets

MDN member companies have a wide range of products, medical device experience, and available talent.

The participation of senior level representatives from member companies in MDN proceedings further enriches our asset pool. MDN meetings become an active resource of innovative experience and provide the ability to address any business issues at hand. And MDN further benefits from the individual networks of these executives, which combined, represents the deepest resource of contacts available within the region.

Membership Advantages

Membership is open to all medical device manufacturers and development firms in the Kansas City region, including both Kansas and Missouri.


News + Events

Medical Device Network Meetings

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Industry Events



Mobility Designed’s $1.7M Funding Boost Lays Foundation for ‘Explosive Growth’

February 21, 2019

Mobility Designed developed an innovative forearm crutch that allows users to support their weight via their forearms and have use of their hands to do everyday tasks. For a number of users, the design creates a painless experience compared with traditional underarm crutches. Full Story »

OP Angel Group iiM Hits $2.37M in Investments

February 5, 2019

Innovation in Motion LLC is planting its roots in the animal health, ag-tech and human health industries.

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KC-Area Medical Device Company Wraps Up $1.2M in Fundraising

October 2, 2018

Flow Forward Medical Inc. concluded a $1.2 million fundraising round that puts the medical device company north of $8 million in total funding. Full Story »